5 Actionable Tips to Increase Your Engagement NOW

1. Create an attention grabber.

Don’t blow your shot at MORE… this is that little blue link that allows your audience to see your full caption. Your first two lines MUST GRAB ATTENTION and give your audience a REASON to click more. Please don’t say something generic that the photo itself already says. Don’t: say “Suns out Buns OUT” with five emojis and THEN go on to say something deep or heartfelt. Do: Create a sense of urgency and mystery with your first two lines!!!

2. Re-introduce yourself.

People will feel more connected to you if they know your story. They are NOT going to scroll wayyyyyy back to the beginning of your feed to see who you are or why you’re here. Your bio doesn’t give you enough lines to write your mission statement or your full bio, so re-introduce yourself in your captions OFTEN. If people know who you are and WHY you’re a creator… they will be more likely to CARE about what it is you make and cheer you on as you go.

3. Educate

Ask yourself, what is it I can TEACH today? People love free information. The more valuable your information that you can teach, the more gracious your audience will feel that you’re giving away this information for FREE. They will let you know by showing their support! Furthermore, if you have something to teach, make sure you let your followers know that you are there to answer questions anyone has about the topic you are presenting. This creates a dialogue, trust and a strong relationship with your audience and will increase the likelihood that they will want to see your content again in the future.

4. Try a Before/After

People love a transformation! Try a carousel post with two or more images that show the process of how you made your art or how you got to be where you are today! It could be as simple as a BTS from your shoot, a haircut, or a ten year challenge!


Ask. Why not ask for what you want in life? Ask your followers to double tap! It’s a practical call to action for support! You can also ask them to double tap if they agree with your caption or share with their audience if they think it provides VALUE or would shed insight on a relevant issue or topic! Also, ask for what they want to see MORE of. You can ask in a caption or a poll, but they can help you if you’re feeling stuck or in a rut of what to create next!

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