5 Tips to Increase Instagram Story Engagement

1. Go Live

Ever notice how when someone else goes LIVE, the story gets prioritized to the top of your story feed? You even get a little notification that “So-and-So” is LIVE! Not only does going live move your content to the top of your audiences’ feeds, it also sparks overall awareness and curiosity by reminding your audience you’re THERE. People may see the name Quigley pop up and think… “Oh! I wonder what she is up to? Let’s see!” They may tune in only for a second to the live, but if they simply CLICK on my account to see what I’ve been posting lately or to check in on the rest of my stories, it sends a little PING to Instagram saying that the person wants to see MORE of my content. The algorithm shows people more of the content it thinks they want to see. How does it determine that content? By PREVIOUS activity. If they’ve engaged with you once, they will likely engage again and the next time you post, the algorithm will subsequently show your content to those people who took action on your LIVE. 

The algorithm shows people more of the content it thinks they want to see.

2. Show Your FACE First

Always start your stories with YOUR FACE. If your first story of the day is of your coffee, the second story is of your dog, the third story is of your hands holding some product, and then the last ten are of a concert you’re at, GUESS WHAT? People are going to click NEXT because THEY DON’T KNOW WHOSE STORIES THEY ARE WATCHING. If they click next, it sends a little PING to the algorithm saying “DON’T SHOW SO-and-SO that crap again.” This literally tells Instagram that they don’t find your content important.

Do NOT make this mistake over and over again!!!! Let me repeat myself. PLEASE always start your stories with your face. It doesn’t have to be every slide, but the more you show up and talk straight at the camera, unfiltered, the more views you’ll get – I PROMISE. 

People WANNA SEE YOU!!!!! They wouldn’t be following you if they didn’t. They aren’t following you because they wanna see the coffee you drank this morning. They want YOU, so please oblige.

 3. Use Instagram’s Built-In Interactive Tools

This might seem like a no-brainer, but I’m going to say it anyway. Instagram is constantly rolling out new features to use on stories: Polls, Questionnaires, Quizzes… 

Instagram may have created these functions to make stories more “FUN,” but I believe these tools are helping Instagram determine how “important” your viewers deem your stories to be. The algorithm was created with PSYCHOLOGY behind it. Let me ask you a question. Which story would you prioritize if you were running the algorithm? One with 100 views, or one with 100 views but 75 people took action and voted on a poll. 

These functions allow your audience to PARTICIPATE in your content. The more interactive your audience is, the more Instagram will show your audience more of what it thinks they want to see! 

4. Forget the Word “Guys”

Stories are much more heartfelt and personal if you don’t start them out by saying “Hey Guys!” Or “Hey Everyone!” 

When someone is watching your story, they aren’t sitting in a room with ten of their friends or in an auditorium gathered around a phone! It’s usually just ONE person on their couch or bed or wherever they are. It’s a single person to person exchange. 

I also believe that kind of language is DISTANCING language. It feels like you’re addressing your following as a NUMBER vs individuals. I try to avoid using the language of addressing my audience as a group and try to speak as if I’m talking to someone one-on-one. Plus, the word GUYS is just simply overused and factually incorrect for those of us whose audiences are mostly WOMEN. 

5. Cross Promote with Your Static Posts

The last tip is the easiest, but one we often forget to incorporate! Want more stories views? ASK! If the bulk of your reach is from your static posts (the ones that are permanent in your feed), then why not use your CAPTION as a way to call your audience to action. 

Example: “If you want to see the BTS from this shoot, head to my stories” or “to get the links for this outfit, head to my stories” or “to see my husband vacuum seal himself in a trash bag, head to my stories” etc…

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my tips! If you LOVE these tips, please share your favorite tip with your audience and tag me! I LOVE seeing how these tips help you grow and share your ART!!!!!

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  1. Love all your tips and tricks and positivity Quigs :-* thanks for these great tips once again! And keep up your email newsletters, love them!

  2. First time reader and automatically converted! Even though this is all new info for me, I think your insights are so spot on. I will definitely be incorporating your ideas! Thank you so much! 🙂

    x, Sofia

  3. Awesome tips 👍👍👍thank you so much for all your hard work and adding so much value to your community. I love following your journey 💙 x Sam

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