Bates Nut Farm with the Jackpots

Sponsored by Zappos

Wow. I had no idea being married would be this fun!!! Alex and I drove out to Bates Nut Farm last week and enjoyed a day of pumpkin hunting and nostalgia.  We felt like kids again. Married kids! It’s officially been three months since our wedding and people keep asking me, “How’s married life?” I usually respond by saying, “It’s a lot easier than planning a wedding.” But for real… I’ve really been happier than ever!

For this spooky day on the town, I am wore an oversized vintage button down that screams 1988, and I loved it. It’s always good to pair vintage with something current and edgy to bring the look into this century. These 7 For All Mankind Jeans  did just the trick. The wash and color of these pants are extremely elevated and high fashion but, also; they just as comfortable as they are chic.

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Shop the look here! Images by Jordan Zobrist.

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