Beauty Tip for the Gal on the Go


This post is sponsored by L’Occitane. All opinions are my own.

Alex and I have traveled around Europe quite a bit now and the one thing I always complain about is dry lips. Traveling in airplanes and walking all around different towns can take a toll on your lips. That is why my BIGGEST tip for when you are on the go is a lippie that MOISTURIZES! For our most recent Italy trip, I avoided matte lipsticks when we spent most of the day exploring and eating our way through the city.

I opted for L’Occitane’s newest collection of Delicious Tinted lip Balms and Fruity Lipsticks!! Easy to apply on the go, these are legit my favorite new lippies because their soft color that gives me that subtle GLOW that matches the GLOW I’m feelin’ from discovering all the wonderful things to do/EAT in Venice! Moreover, the products are 100% vegetarian and 100% silicone free – a win/win for me.

Their full collection features Delicious Lip Scrubs, Delicious Tinted Balms, a Delicious 3-in-1 Multi-Balm, a Fruity Perfecting Balm and Fruity Lipsticks. To truly rescue your lips from travel, try this three-step regimen: first, use the Delicious Lip Scrub. Second, apply the Delicious 3-in-1 Multi-Balm or Delicious Tinted Balm to prime and prep your lips. Lastly, add some dewey color with Fruity Lipstick for the ultimate shine!

This collection truly changed my lippie game while in Italy. My lips felt moisturized and perfectly tinted, which made my makeup-free week (cough shingles cough) much more enjoyable!!!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Tip for the Gal on the Go

  1. Hey girl,
    Love following, and seeing your great looks and now cute videos.
    I’m Very curious, what products do you use
    For the brightener and for brows!
    Thank you in advance

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