Drenched in History: My favorite VINTAGE finds

Sometimes you just have to surround yourself with stories. That’s how I feel when I play dress up in all vintage. I feel a little bit like I’m something more than just one person, like I possess an infinite amount of history on my body from various people and places and times… and that’s pretty cool. Each item I’m wearing in this look has a story to tell. I found the jacket at a thrift store in Buenos Aires; it’s real Argentinian leather.  I found the belt at a Native American jewelry shop in Northern Minnesota and the boots I actually bought while I was doing a Rachel Zoe thrifting challenge at SLOW on Melrose. The hat and skirt are flea market finds and the jewelry is sourced by one of my favorite places to find sterling silver and turquoise, Bella and Chloe. Photos by the amazing Cameron Mackey for Hardmz.com.







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