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This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All my opinions are my own.


Sometimes, shopping is a pain in the rear. There, I said it! Okay… I love it, don’t get me wrong, but only when I actually have the time, which is RARE for me right now.  As I was gearing up for my Scotland trip, I wanted to get some new pieces to photograph while overseas. I don’t know about you guys, but I can get really overwhelmed with online shopping.  I can spend an entire day trying to figure out what I want, and usually just end up giving up because I’m exhausted.

When Nordstrom approached me about a new service they were offering that could help me with my shopping problem, I was intrigued. Enter Nordstrom’s Style Boards. This completely changes the game for me. Here’s why.

  1. I basically get my very own personal stylist, who understands my style and my figure.
  2. My stylist does the hard part: Filtering through pages and pages of Nordstrom’s website to find the pieces they know I’ll LOVE.
  3. They compile a variety of options into my personal Style Board – and I only have to buy what I like/want.
  4. The best part? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE.
Officially Quigley x Nordstrom
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When shopping for this look specifically, I wanted to channel a bit of British Punk Rock and a bit of Sherlock Holmes. My stylist immediately scoured Nordstrom’s site and found these incredible pieces for me. She even put in a pair of rain boots because she knew I’d need them when trudging through the Scotland Highlands. Let me tell you… those boots were used more than anything else on my trip!! So thankful for my stylist’s insight and help!

All I added was a pair of vintage lion earrings (similar, here) and matching belt (similar) I found at a local antique store, as well as this bomb vintage magnifying glass to finish the look. Sherlock Quigley… at your service!!

Officially Quigley x Nordstrom
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Have any of you tried Nordstrom’s new Style Boards? I’d love to get your feedback! I think I’m going to start incorporating this service into my life more often. It is just so convenient and easy. Should I do another round for my October trip to Mallorca and Italy?? Let me know if the comments below!!

Make sure to check out more photos of this look below. I had a little too much fun pretending to be a detective… though I never succeeded in finding my lost letter to Hogwarts A girl can still dream, right?


xo, Quigs


Officially Quigley x Nordstrom
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