I <3 Cotton !

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All Cotton, All-right! 

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom taught me that 100% is the BEST kind of fabric to wear on your body. When it came to choosing undies, dresses, bed sheets and even jeans (since they are so tight on our bums!)… she always encouraged me to look at the label before making a purchase. “Your skin needs the freedom to breathe!” she would say. She taught me that Cotton is not only comfortable, but better than synthetics because since it is a natural material it is often more hypoallergenic than other materials! I used to have a lot of skin allergies as a baby, so she learned this the hard way with me. 

I learned recently that Cotton Incorporated has partnered with Zappos.com for a limited time pop-up shop and curated online collection highlighting some of the latest cotton trends. With the Zappos x Cotton Athleisure Collection, women and men will be inspired to dress in the looks they love – whether laying low or on the go – equipping them to take on any challenge the world throws their way. The collection is available online at Zappos.com until March 31, where visitors can #ShopCotton and enjoy free shipping and experience Zappos’ award-winning customer service!

Here’s a fun fact:

Compared to activewear made from synthetics, more than 6 in 10 consumers say cotton activewear is best suited for athleisure activities such as hanging out a home (73%), running errands (66%), and doing yardwork (62%), more than half say cotton activewear is best suited for a light workout (54%), and nearly half (47%) say cotton activewear is best suited for a tough workout.

Shop this post and my favorite Cotton looks at Zappos here: http://www.fyitrack.com/?7CEE9F94


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Photos by In Frames Photography. 

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