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My journey to clean living encompasses more than just eating healthy. I’ve been striving to be better about choosing skincare, makeup, and hair products that have positive longterm effects for my health. I’d love to take a moment to talk about my hair.

While I have naturally thick brows, my hair has always been thin and fine. I’m naturally a brunette and dying it blonde hasn’t helped. I eventually got extensions to help with length and thickness. I love my extensions, but I also want to keep my natural hair strong and healthy. Many hair products are ridden with sulfates and parabens that strip natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and dead.


Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil
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Sulfates, specifically, are a detergent. Detergents remove oil. Sulfates are so effective at striping oil, that they actually strip your scalp’s protective layer as well. With the protective layer gone, it leaves your scalp vulnerable: harmful bacteria coming in, and essential moisture getting out, leaving an itchy, dry and sensitive scalp.

Sulfates don’t just dry out your scalp, they also dry out your hair. You hair ends up lacking moisture and shine. Sulfates are even worse for color treated hair. They strip the color that was just added causing your hair to fade more quickly.

Finally, some studies show that sulfates actually contribute to HAIR LOSS!

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil

I’ve been experimenting with a variety of sulfate-free products and have found the best results with Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection.  The collection has three products that are best used together: Color Continue Shampoo, Color Continue Conditioner, and Protect and Prevent Spray.

The Color Continue Shampoo is paraben, sulfate-free and gentle, which is essential for my thin hair and sensitive skin. Moroccanoil’s COLORLINK Technology repairs hair chemically and physically, allowing hair to better retain color.

The Color Continue Conditioner is also paraben and sulfate-free. It’s formula adds insane nourishment to my hair while fighting to rebuild keratin (hair protein) and lock in color.

Finally, the Protect and Prevent Spray is my favorite. It acts as a shield to all the harmful things our hair comes in contact with throughout the day that could fade your color treatment – UV Rays, pollution, thermal damage, etc. It also prevents brassiness (which is a MUST for anyone who is trying to get an ashy or “icy” look). This product is a leave-in conditioner, so it also seals your hair cuticles and locks in moisture.

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil


The entire collection is also super affordable. All products are $30 or less and come in a variety of sizes (including travel sized!). For me, this collection was the best next step in my hair health journey. Moroccanoil is a brand I already trusted – this collection makes me love them more!

Make sure to shop this post below! I’ve also including some of my other Moroccanoil go-to’s, including my favorite detangling comb, SPF lip balm and travel friendly items!

xo, Quigley

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil

Officially Quigley x Moroccanoil


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Hair Care

  1. WOW! This article really helpful for me and everyone. Thanks a lot to Quigley for sharing such an informative article about hair care. Your 8 image really awesome and it have inspired me. I love to hair care in my free time every day. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information and now my confusion has cleared by your review.

  2. Thank you for such an informative post on hair care. I used to be a hairdresser and know the benefits of coconut oil. I’ve used it myself and really makes the hair feel soft. I’m also someone who rinses their hair in cold water. Not always pleasant, but it really makes your hair shiny. I always use a leave in conditioner as you suggested, and a tiny bit of serum after blow-drying.

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