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The universe has a way of bringing people into your life. Three years ago I was hired to model for a denim company. There I met Dani, who very quickly became a close personal friend of mine. Do you ever meet someone and instantly know they are meant to stay in your life? This was Dani for me. She has since started her very own company, Dazey LA, which has fused together her incredible talents as a designer, photographer and artist.

Dazey LA’s mission is to inspire and support women in their endeavors through hand drawn graphic art apparel. Not only are her products supporting women empowerment, they are made in LA, and are huge promoters and supporters of slow fashion. Their slow fashion efforts are to minimize waste in production and try to make a positive impact on the environment.

To further their support for women, they also carry other apparel and accessories made by amazingly bad ass female entrepreneurs. You have to check out their blog to read the stories behind each product and boss babe.

I’ve been lucky enough to partner with Dani to help promote her newest line of Self-Care graphic tees and apparel, and dang, I’m in love. Some of my favorite tees have sayings like “Offline and Doing Fine,” “Mental Health Matters,” and “That’s a Hard No.” This is also Dani’s first time launching apparel (Yes, designed by her!!). I cannot get over her mustard-color jumpsuit or stunning red wrap-dress.

With this launch, I wanted to take the time to chat with you guys about my relationship with mental health. This past year has been a whirlwind, filled with incredible opportunities and huge changes. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to grow my brand and work with companies that I am passionate about and believe in. With growth, comes growing pains. With more work and opportunities, come less time. For me, my growth has also brought me stress. Having to say no to people and opportunities makes me feel so guilty, which in turn stresses me out. And stress quickly turns into anxiety.

My largest passion is connecting with you all. I love social media because it connects us with incredible people all over the world. It allows us to share stories, passions, and even struggles, and makes us feel less alone in this crazy life. It pains me when I can’t respond to each and every one of your comments and DMs. Though I have never met some of you, you’re my close friends.

These last couple of months have forced me to take a step back and reconnect with myself. I’ve had to start taking my mental health seriously. If I’m not healthy, I cannot operate to my full potential, and in-turn cannot connect with you with my whole heart. I’ve started running again, which has cleared some fog in my brain and allowed me to make decisive decisions. I’ve hired my first ever employee to help with some work load. Most importantly, I’ve started going to therapy again! All of these things have instilled hope into my life again. I am so excited for what’s to come (and believe me – I have so AMAZING things planned for the rest of the year). I cannot wait to experience them all with you!

One of these exciting things is the Dazey LA Launch Party for Dani’s new line.  Not only does it support Dazey LA, but a portion of the proceeds are supporting a female refugee relief organization! Of course, I am going, and I would LOVE to meet up with you all and discuss what makes you happy! Here are the details – and I really hope to see you there!


Make sure to check out Dani’s new line, here, and comment below to let me know how you keep yourself sane and if you’re coming to the party!! I can’t wait to meet you.



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