Signature Summer Scent!

My favorite summer scent is Wisteria Blue by Nest from Sephora because it reminds me of a time I took myself on a date to the beach!

Alex was out of town, and I felt like I needed break from work… So I packed up a towel and a journal and went to Malibu to watch the sun set on the pier. Your relationship with yourself is the most precious of all! So, you don’t have a date?! Take yourself on one!!!!!

May is mental health awareness month, so I wanted to talk a little about how important it is to be your own bestie. Sometimes when you take a second to journal, doodle, read, or sit alone in nature… your BEST ideas happen! Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors, connect with your soul, and quietly reflect!

Nest Wisteria Blue triggers memories of this SELF LOVE date… so I’m using it as my signature scent this Summer so I can remind myself DAILY to take some “me” time everyday!

What do you do to be kind to yourself and be your own bestie?! Share your ideas below! #sephora #ad


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