Are you a CREATIVE who wants to share your work with the world through social media (specifically Instagram)? Are you already skilled in the basics, but want to know how to take your work to the NEXT LEVEL?

What separates good content from GREAT content is how and WHY it’s made. It’s not just about a pretty photo anymore. It’s about what you have to SAY – and to find your true creative voice, you must first be willing to CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. It’s a shift in MINDSET. A shift in the SOUL.

Soulcial Media was created to help you change your mind about Instagram (and yourself!) so you can jumpstart your potential for MASSIVE GROWTH. True greatness comes from when you let go of perfectionism and tap into your inner sense of self.

We will dive into how your RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF is affecting your ability to thrive on social media. This course will help you quiet the crazy dialogue inside your head, be kinder to yourself, and find the courage to CREATE.

Soulcial Media is a series of video lectures and exercises taught by Quigley, of Officially Quigley. She shares how she grew her Instagram following by 100k in one short year by making a few key attitude adjustments.

Each module represents a mindset adjustment that helped her take her influence from micro to MACRO! These are THE SEVEN SECRETS TO MASTERING THE MACRO-MINDSET.

The modules will cover:

-How your thoughts affect your relationship with yourself and your businessHow to build your unique voice, brand, and mission statement

-How to create a powerful narrative through your content that pulls people in

-How to connect with your audience on a deeper level

-How to network with other creatives

-How to pitch yourself to brands

-How to build AUTHENTICITY within your brand

-How to address the wide range of emotions that come alongside content creating

-How to find balance, emotionally, energetically and creatively in a digitally driven work environment

AND Includes

-Interviews with industry experts, including Quigley’s manager, business coach, and photographer

-Need-to-know industry-specific tools and etiquette