Top 3 Ways to Make your Content More Compelling

Quigs here!

Dropping in for a few simple tips for content CREATORS and for anyone who uses Social Media to create content to promote their business or brand!

First and foremost, I recommend reading my free caption guide (you can get it HERE by signing up for my newsletter) … then for visual inspo here are a few EASY, actionable tips:

1. Create Motion.

Things with movement feel more real. Are you walking across a street? Turning your head? Can you swipe to see a video of the action as well as a still? It’s fun to see a photo come to life!

2. Use a prop!

Using a prop helps to tells a story and a narrative. It can answer the question of WHY you’re there. Plus, interacting with something can make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera!

3. Pull Back the Curtain.

Show us the behind the scenes of a shoot…maybe how you planned the outfit prior, a video of how you shot it, or a time lapse of how you edited it. Showing the REALITY of your creative concepts brings authenticity to your feed. Your audience doesn’t just want to see the end result, they want to know YOU and your CREATIVE PROCESS!

Have any other ideas to add to the list?!? Let me know in the comments below! 

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