Top 5 Tips to Throw the Best Galentine’s Day Ever

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Quigley's Perfect Galentine's Day

This year, Alex and I won’t be together for Valentine’s Day. While I am super bummed about this, I decided to throw all of my efforts into celebrating Galentine’s Day with one of my besties, Nikia (@madmavenstyle). I’m here to share with you my top 5 tips to throwing an EPIC day for the ladies in your life.

1. Pick a Theme

I have been fully obsessed with Marvelous Mrs. Maisel since the first season came out. Not only are the characters so relatable and endearing, but the FASHION is just TOP NOTCH. Nikia and I chat for hours about how brilliant the wardrobe is.. so naturally I knew this was the theme I wanted for Galentine’s Day.

When deciding on a theme for your gals, pick something you wouldn’t normally do! What do you all have in common? Is it a TV show you all watch together? A book that connected you all? Whatever it is – GO BIG! Have fun with it! This is your time to celebrate your friendship, why not laugh a little along the way?

2. Commit and Go ALL OUT

I’ve had low-key hangouts to celebrate my girlfriends, which is awesome and I always enjoy, but this year I wanted to go ALL OUT. Why not? I went to a costume rental store here in L.A. and scoured the aisles for 50s & 60s wardrobe.

You don’t have to rent costumes to celebrate (although I highly recommend because it’s so fun!). You can decorate around your theme, have people come in character, create a menu based on the theme. The possibilities are endless. Moral of the story….just because we’re adults, doesn’t mean we can’t play dress up sometimes!!! Let’s strive to keep that childhood wonder in our adulthood and have some fun with it!

3. Choose a Location

I wanted to choose a location that reflected my Marvelous Mrs. Maisel theme, so I opted for Ladureé, the cutest cafe and macaron bar that’s ever existed. Because I had a more intimate girl date with Nikia it was a lot easier to choose a location. If you have a larger group of gals for your party, you might want to consider throwing the bash at your own place! That way, you can decorate to your heart’s desire, make a signature cocktail, serve heart-shaped foods, and more!

4. Show Your Love!

Shower your gals with affirmations and gifts! There is no better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day than with beauty products. Insert *big heart eyes* here, lol !! L’Occitane has partnered with Rifle Paper Co. for the second year in a row and I am NOT disappointed. My favorite products have always been their Shea Butters. This limited edition Valentine’s Day line is not only adorned with Anna Bond’s beautiful illustrations, but the product also leaves my hands so dang soft and silky. These two brands are truly a match made in heaven.

What’s even better? Right now L’Occitane is offering a FREE gift with any purchase + 20% off next purchase!! This offer ends 2/14/19 and is only valid for full-priced product only. Use the CODE: KISS to get the goods!!!

5. Don’t Put too Much Pressure on Yourself

This is the biggest advice I have for you!! Don’t take yourself too seriously and put so much pressure on the details that you forget to HAVE FUN! Celebrate yourself and the relationships you have in your life. Life’s too short to get caught up in that. Maybe playing dress up with your best friends will help you be PRESENT and enjoy the ride!!!

xo, Quigs

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