Urban Jungle: featuring Irene’s Story and Elizabeth Stone Jewelry




















When I first moved to LA, I lived in Marina Del Rey in a big apartment complex that was across the street from a Ralph’s and a super cute strip mall (but very far away from everything else). While exploring my neighborhood, I stumbled upon an adorable little boutique called Irene’s Story. It was SUPER cute and SUPER affordable, and I basically got in the habit of treating myself to a bag full of their clothes every time I needed a little pick-me-up (which was often considering how scary moving to  a new city can be). I wanted to do a little blog set featuring Irene’s Story just in case anyone else is in the need for a bit of retail therapy. I paired the looks with accessories by Elizabeth Stone Jewelry. I’ve always been the type to gravitate towards pretty gaudy necklaces and earrings, but recently I can’t get enough of really delicate pieces that have just the right amount of pizazz to spice up and outfit. Elizabeth Stone really satisfies that need!!


Photos by Rachel Melanie


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