Why did the Quigley cross the road?

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Why did the Quigley cross the road? Because she wanted to show off her new embroidered boots of course!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t generally the first one to jump on board the band wagon when it comes to “what’s HOT.” And even though the weather is cooling down, the trends for Fall are ON FIRE.

Typically, floral embroidery is a Spring trend… but this season, I have been seeing a LOT of brands going against norms and incorporating a sexy stitch to their textiles and designs. One prime example is this pair of Rebecca Minkoff booties from Zappos.com.

I’m excited to have a pair of statement booties to spice up the new season! It’s important to pair statement shoes with an outfit that is complimentary. I like to let the shoe have center stage, and style the look so that it does not compete with the star of the show. For example, if you have a colorful shoe- try pairing it with a neutral look. I chose a black/white color palette with my fav denim!

Another tip for styling a statement shoe, is to match your shoe to an accessory. Recently, I have been rocking a red suede boot with a red suede bag. It really ties the whole look together. Here, I’m rocking a bag black leather Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag to match the black detailing on my shoe!  Another way to tie in the color of your statement shoe is with a matching belt or earring. It really makes the whole look cohesive.

Shop the look here!

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Photos by Jordan Zobrist.




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