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Every once and a while, a shoe comes along that changes the game for you. For me, that shoe was my new pair of Camper tennis shoes.  I’ve been looking for a way to transition into wearing tennis shoes for quite some time now.

Up until recently, I didn’t really own any sneakers at all. I had like one pair of converse that I never wore. My feet basically were limited to heels and boots and sandals.  Sure, heels are fancy and fabulous… but it felt like my wardrobe was missing a little bit of… well, fun. I wanted to wear more jeans and unique/quirky pants, and needed the perfect everyday pair of refined TENNIES to complete the more chill “vibe”.

I had a hard time finding the perfect pair because a lot of tennis shoes are overtly branded with logos and bling. I wanted something relaxed and authentic… Just straight to the point!

I am SO obsessed with white tennis shoes now that I found my Campers. They are basically all I’ve worn for the whole month of October.  I’ve been on a ton of fun unique adventures this month and everywhere I go, there are my Camper tennies from Zappos.com. 🙂

Shop the look here!

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