Top 10 Tips for Planning a Photoshoot!

1. Pick a location

Do you want something scenic? Do you want a city vibe? Pro tip: If it’s anywhere indoors, you’re likely going to get asked who you are and why you’re shooting by whoever manages the location. If you are using a DSLR, you may be asked to stop shooting or asked for what purpose you’re shooting. I always respond with, “this is for my personal blog.” The key here is to assure them that it isn’t a paid shoot by a brand. Photographers typical need a permit to shoot most places if the images are being used to sell something. You can usually shoot with an iPhone easily so that’s a good backup plan!

2. Make a Moodboard

I recommend using Pinterest and creating a secret board with your photographer or anyone who is helping style the shoot. This is to ensure you all have a cohesive vision and vibe for the shoot and so that the photographer can get a feel for the types of lens and equipment to bring along. You can also reference this if you get stumped for ideas on site.

3. Think about Narrative

What story can you tell with your image? Make it as personal as possible.

4. Props

Gather props to help execute your Narrative.

5. Think about Caption

What would you like this post to SAY? If you think about this in advance, you won’t be stumped when it comes to post. This will also help with your organic engagement if it’s truly a complex, compelling topic.

6. Check the Weather

It’s always good to have a backup plan in case you’ve picked an outdoor location and it looks like rain. Believe me, I been forced to switch plans last minute due to weather and it is STRESSFUL! The more prepared you are, the better.

7. Pick the Right Time to Shoot for Lighting and Crowds

If you want no people in your shot, schedule an AM shoot! Sunrise is best for lighting. I recommend being at your location just before the sun is scheduled to rise. You can check what time the sun rises in your specific area from any iPhone weather app. Always avoid 12-2pm, as this is generally the time where the sun is directly overhead AKA way to harsh. It can create weird shadows on your face. If you want a SUNNY shot with direct light, you should consider shooting mid to late afternoon (2-4pm).  If you are looking for light flares or a hazy backlit shot, just before sunset is ideal. If you want an evenly lit, cooler toned image I recommend dusk (just after sunset). Pro Tip: If this intimidates you, shade will always give you even lighting, so it’s best to start there!

8. Style & Steam your Outfits in Advance

Take photos of your outfits exactly how you’ve styled them. This way you can make sure you haven’t forgotten any accessories, shoes, etc. for the look before you leave the house. The worst is when you show up somewhere to shoot and you don’t have a mirror for styling.

9. Pack a Mirror for Styling 😉

10. Pack a Changing Cape

Most locations I shoot at are in public and changing out of the back of a car can be tricky and annoying. The one I recommend buying is linked below. It will save your life!

Beauty Tip for the Gal on the Go

Quigley Venice 10

Alex and I have traveled around Europe quite a bit now and the one thing I always complain about is dry lips. Traveling in airplanes and walking all around different towns can take a toll on your lips. That is why my BIGGEST tip for when you are on the go is a lippie that MOISTURIZES!

How I Spend My 1st Day Off in Months!

Officially Quigley Day of Relaxation

For the last couple of months I have been working my butt off the write and produce my upcoming online class, SOULcial Media, and therefore have had NO DAYS OFF!! As a business owner it’s hard enough to give time for yourself, but when you are birthing a baby (so to speak), it’s even harder. When First Aid Beauty approached me and told me they wanted to give me a day of relaxation, ON THEM, I cried a little. I then decided I was going to give myself an entire day to do whatever made me happy. No work. I started thinking… what WOULD I do with an entire day just to myself?? Here’s what went down.

Monochromatic Magic

Officially Quigley x Express

The holidays are all about bold, happy looks. We decorate ourselves in bright colors and shiny things to make up for cold, dreary weather. It makes us joyful. Many go for sequins and sparkles (and don’t get me wrong, you all know how much I love things that shine), but I wanted to give you a slightly different idea: Monochrome.

Gift Spotlight: Jewelry Pt. 2!

Officially Quigley Gift Guide Jewelry

If you’ve read my earlier blog, you’ll know that I’m doing a two-part series on my favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry for the holidays. I found too many pieces I loved to do it in just one post! This time around I’m going to cover their Winter Collection and all of my favorite gift options from it.

Holiday Gift Guide | For Men

Officially Quigley and Alex Goode for Polo Ralph Lauren

Alex has always been so hard to shop for, mostly because we tend to have different taste when it comes to men’s fashion. We finally found a brand that we both approve of, Ralph Lauren. That’s why I am thrilled to partner with Polo Ralph Lauren to help you all find the best gifts for the special men in your life this holiday season.

Gift Spotlight: Jewelry

Officially Quigley Jewelry Gift Guide

As the holidays quickly approach, we all start making lists. Whether it’s for our own wish lists or lists of gift ideas for the ones we love, it always seems to be harder than anticipated. That’s where I come in. I’ve done all the hard work in scouring websites of brands I love and making selections on what I believe are the best they have to offer.

Get that Holiday Glow

Officially Quigley Skincare Gift Guide

Holidays are right around the corner, and so are some kick butt holiday gift sets. Every year I’m always on the lookout for the best of the best when it comes to sets, especially in skincare. As you guys already know, I’m constantly trying new products that work with my extremely SENSITIVE and dry skin… and sometimes, I feel like I’ve tried it ALL. I’ve been able to partner with Tatcha Skincare this year and I’m really digging their products.