A Timeless Pair

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Why is this my most precious place on the planet?! Our lake cabin was built by my Grandpa Potter in 1961. I’ve been visiting it since I was in diapers. It has changed a lot over the years but it’s symbolism in my life is timeless. It connects me to nature and my spirit and is a place where I get to spend quality time with my loved ones. From fishing with my grandpa, to star gazing with my dad, to painting on the dock with my sister, to playing cards with my grandma, to long walks through the woods with my mom and campfires with cousins and friends… this place is the foundation for my whole identity. 

I’m back here, 31… and proud to be a Minnesotan. Keeping the “timeless” theme by wearing my adidas classic sneakers up to the lake. For as long as I can remember adidas Stan Smith Classics were always on my “must-have” list. The clean, casual style pairs perfectly with almost any outfit. Keep it sporty with other classic adidas pieces, or dress them up with a fun floral jumpsuit or dress! Finish Line has the best selection of adidas products! Check out some of my favorites below.

Beauty Tip for the Gal on the Go

Quigley Venice 10

Alex and I have traveled around Europe quite a bit now and the one thing I always complain about is dry lips. Traveling in airplanes and walking all around different towns can take a toll on your lips. That is why my BIGGEST tip for when you are on the go is a lippie that MOISTURIZES!

How I Spend My 1st Day Off in Months!

Officially Quigley Day of Relaxation

For the last couple of months I have been working my butt off the write and produce my upcoming online class, SOULcial Media, and therefore have had NO DAYS OFF!! As a business owner it’s hard enough to give time for yourself, but when you are birthing a baby (so to speak), it’s even harder. When First Aid Beauty approached me and told me they wanted to give me a day of relaxation, ON THEM, I cried a little. I then decided I was going to give myself an entire day to do whatever made me happy. No work. I started thinking… what WOULD I do with an entire day just to myself?? Here’s what went down.